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Our Technology

AONDevices has a vision of “always-on” everywhere. Our technology and expertise combine AI algorithms and architecture with deep domain understanding of voice, audio and other sensory algorithms. We develop neural network architectures that deliver unparalleled accuracy in processing of sensory data at ultra-low power.

AON’s edge technology allows natural human-machine interface by enabling constant sensing to detect multiple concurrent events. The neural network cores can simultaneously recognize multiple wake words, voice commands and sound events or sensor patterns.

AONDevices network cores recognize multiple wake words,
voice commands and sound events

Introducing AON1100™

Multicore AI Neural Processing Chip
With Integrated Deep Learning Algorithms

Voice Activation, Sound Recognition, and Multi-Sensor Fusion

90% hit rate performance with a single microphone @ 0db SNR

Ultra-low power: <260uW in constant speech | <80uW in listening mode

AONDevices’ New Always-On Edge AI Processor Enables Advanced Capabilities for Emerging Voice, Audio and Sensor Applications

tinyML Trailblazers Success Stories With Mouna Elkhatib

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Who We Are

AONDevices is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in application-specific edge AI processors with high accuracy at ultra-low power. The first release in our product family, the AONVoice™ processor, unleashes the power of smartphones and other battery-powered consumer devices to address the growing demand for a more convenient and safer always-on touchless user interface. In benchmarks against competitive offerings, AONVoice™ processors deliver best-in-class recognition in real-world ambient noise conditions at the lowest power.


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The Team

mouna elkhatib

Mouna El Khatib

CEO & Board Member

20 years of experience in Voice, Audio, and HW DSP SOCs. System architecture, chip development, and leadership.
Former Qualcomm Principal Engineer and Engineering Director at Brainchip and Conexant.
adil benyasine

Dr. Adil Benyassine

VP, Technology

22 years of experience in Audio & Wireless Signal Processing algorithms. Held Senior level engineering positions at Intel, Mindspeed and Conexant.
Daniel Schoch

Daniel Schoch

VP Engineering

22 years of experience in the semiconductor business. Key architect and developer of iC-Haus product solutions.
He held engineering positions at Broadcom and Mindspeed.

Edge AI for voice activation and sound recognition in battery-powered devices


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