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Endless Possibilities

Redefining the Possibilities

AONDevices has a vision of “always-on” everywhere to enable human-machine interaction in natural environments. When featured in devices, that rely on natural sensors, such as phones, headsets, wearables, smart home appliances, vehicles or IoT devices, AON’s technology enables constant sensing to detect multiple concurrent events in the same way humans can detect multiple concurrent events to understand their surroundings.

For example, AONVoice™ and AONSens™ cores can simultaneously recognize multiple voice commands and sound events, such as, a baby crying or an oncoming train, while also detecting specific motion patterns, such as walking or falling.

Our edge AI technology takes an end-to-end approach to achieve high-performance accuracy and the ultra-low power required for battery-powered devices.


Convenience, control, and safety. Boost user experience and safety with custom voice commands and sound detection. Enable hands-free commands such as 'volume up', 'pause', 'volume down' or alert for trains, sirens, dog barking, smoke detector, or baby crying while streaming music or engaged in a phone call.


Combine voice, sound, and sensor fusion to support voice commands, contextual sound, and sensory detection or for detecting signs of distress like shouting for "Help" when running or falling, alerting in emergency situations, drastic changes in body temperature, heart rate and more. Sensor fusion captures data from microphones, accelerometers, gyroscopes, temperature, pressure sensors and more.


Enables hands-free voice activation of wake-words or commands along with sound noise such as baby crying, dog barking, car honking, siren, trains, and more. Next generation features - new applications - new possibilities for devices that are always within reach.

Remote Control

Activate with custom wake-words or commands like "TV On". Offer hands-free operation to improve customer experience when the remote is nearby, out of reach, or engaged elsewhere. Enhance experience through sound detection and interaction, such as automatically lowering the volume when a sound such as a baby crying or a doorbell ringing is detected.

Smart Home

The next generation of smart home devices will combine voice, sound, and sensor. Turn on lighting or send alerts for glass breaking, door opening, dogs barking, or more. Adjust the environment or add a sense of safety using hands-free voice commands and control with contextual sound detection or sensory data.


Enable safety inside and outside of the vehicle. Enhance the performance and accuracy of hands-free voice activation and control of the vehicle with contextual sound detection that allows alerts or auto-adjusting of volume during emergency or warning sounds such as a sirens, construction vehicles, or more. Ensure vehicle maintenance with sensor fusion voice/sound with sensor detection of temperature, pressure, accelerometers, gyroscopes and more.


A better security system…voice, sound, and sensor fusion to build the perfect system for homes or commercial buildings.


The growth in the number of connected devices creates numerous opportunities for voice, sound, or sensor detection applications. AON’s edge AI technology makes devices more aware - improving efficiencies and reducing cost.

Medical Devices

For consumer or commercial medical devices. Voice, sound, and sensor detection for first aid devices such as defibrillators, medical and bed monitoring devices.


Flexible solutions for control and monitoring. AONDevices sensor fusion provides sound and sensor fusion data that is vital to improving efficiency, control and monitoring.