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Data Format  #
  • Input *.wav files must be split by keyword into separate directories within the same parent folder 
  • Input wave files preferred naming convention (recommended but not required): 
    • <user id>_<user index>.wav 
    • Example: Male1_0.wav, Male1_1.wav, Female1_0.wav 
  • The tool augments audio inputs uniquely  
  • The user must specify a prefix depending on the input type: 
    • If the input is for context detection:  
      • Name the directory ca_<context name> 
      • Example: ca_Beach 
    • If the input is for AED: 
      • Name the directory c_<event name> 
      • Example: c_Bullet 

Data Format

  • Here is a full table with all input types recognized by the DAK:

all input types recognized by the DA


  • Input data quantity:

Input data quantity


  • Input data signal length:

Input data signal length