• Status:  View the final status of the test 
    • Duration: View how long the test took to complete 
    • Output: All the output files are available to be downloaded as zip file 
  • ROC Curves: View roc curves for each class and analyze the performance of your weights. 
    • Detection ROC curve plots will produce the False Reject Rate and False Alarm Rate of a given set of weights for 5 different operating thresholds: 0.50, 0.60, 0.70, 0.86, 0.95 which can be used to select the weights and threshold for optimal performance 
    • ROC curve plot is interactive and can be hovered over for additional details and areas of particular interest can be zoomed in on 
    • The ROC curve plots viewable via carousel control are: 
      • The ROC curve per class with respect to the sum of all False Alarm’s generated by all the classes 
      • ROC curve with respect to the False Alarm’s generated by the specific class 

testing ISDK

  • Confusion Matrices: View the confusion matrix for each bin file and analyze the performance. 

confusion matrix