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Fabless Semiconductor
AI Company

Who We Are

AONDevices (AON) is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in application-specific edge AI processors. The company has developed proprietary neural network processors that deliver an unparalleled combination of accuracy in processing sensory data at ultra-low power in battery-powered “always on” devices.

AON’s processors enable a natural human-machine interface at the device level without sending data to the cloud, thus improving user experience and privacy. When featured in phones, headsets, wearables, game controllers, toys, or in vehicles, smart home appliances, smart buildings, or industrial applications, AON’s technology allows constant sensing to detect multiple concurrent events. For example, AONVoice™ and AONSens™ cores can simultaneously recognize multiple voice commands and sound events, such as a baby crying, glass breaking, emergency sirens, machine anomalies, and more, while also detecting specific motion patterns, such as walking or falling.


AONDevices is a privately held company headquartered in Irvine, CA, founded in 2018 by a group of industry veterans with deep expertise in audio processing and AI. Since its inception, AON’s superior technology and solutions are already licensed and are in use by tier-1 customers. The company continues to offer IP solutions through licensing while accelerating the production of processor products based on its proprietary technology.

The Team

mouna elkhatib
Mouna El Khatib

CEO & Board Member

adil benyasine
Dr. Adil Benyassine

VP, Technology

Daniel Schoch

VP Engineering

Germaine Ewing
Germaine Ewing

Director, Business Development

Aruna Vittal

Technical Director

Eli Uc

Technical Director

Alex Lenell

Machine Learning Developer

Spencer Thompson

Machine Learning Developer

Connor Guerrero

Machine Learning Developer