AONDevices 2023 ​
Automotive White Paper

Exciting News!

Our 2023 technology use case series continues with a deep dive into Automotive Innovation. Explore how AONDevices’ cutting-edge technologies are transforming your car experience, even when it is parked.

Unleash the Power of AONDevices in Your Car even when it is parked:

  1. Effortless Voice Commands: Imagine controlling your car with just your voice. AONDevices’ super low-power local voice commands make it a reality. Whether it’s starting your engine or adjusting settings, your voice is your car’s command.
  2. Intelligent Sound Recognition: With acoustic event detection, your car is always alert. It recognizes and classifies sounds like alarms, sirens, or a friend calling your name, enhancing your car’s awareness.
  3. Personalized Experience: Tailor your vehicle’s environment with our speaker identification feature. Your car knows you, adjusting settings to your preferences and ensuring a personalized driving experience.
  4. Ultimate Sensor Fusion: Maximize accuracy with sensor fusion technology. It combines data from multiple sensors, providing a complete picture of your car’s surroundings, your health, and your environment.

Get ready to revolutionize the way you live with our Automotive White Paper!


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