Discover the AON1000™, our edge hardware and software AI IP, offering unmatched efficiency and accuracy for voice and sound recognition. Ideal for IoT devices, wearables, and smart home applications, AON1000™ stands out for its low power consumption and high performance in noisy environments. Learn how our AI algorithms optimize for the smallest footprint without sacrificing quality


1.Collect & Store: Collect, upload and store your data securely.
2.Augment Data: Enhance your data for improved training results
3.Train Data: Train your data effectively
4.Test Performance: Evaluate the performance of your weights
5.View results: Access, download, and analyze your final results
6.Download Weights: Download generated weights to AON1000P IP

Voice control and Context detection

✓ Always-on Multi-Wake-word detection
✓ On-device Voice command recognition (‘Music play’, ‘Music stop’,etc.)
✓ Ultra-Low power for always-listening voice-enabled applications
✓ Adaptive voice activity detection
✓ Acoustic Event Detection(AED)
✓ Context awareness

High Accuracy in Noisy Conditions

✓ High accuracy in background noise and reverb.
✓Speaker independent
✓ Robust to variabilities within user, between-user & in environment
✓ Scalable, detects multiple commands concurrently


At the edge super-low power, high accuracy wake-word, voice command, acoustic event detection, speaker id and sensor support

  • The AON1000™ IP is a super low-power and high accuracy AI processing engine for Wake Word, Voice Commands, Acoustic Event Detection, Speaker ID and Sensors.
  • The AON1000™ IP is part of the AONVoice™ processor family, AON’s application-specific edge AI processors for deep neural network inferencing at the edge. Unlike general purpose processors, DSPs and dedicated processors that rely on third party AI algorithms, AON’s processors optimize accuracy at super-low power by embedding proprietary, use-case specific neural network architecture and integrating tuned inference algorithms. AON processors also support training with a unique data augmentation tool.
  • The AON1000™ compact AI processing engine delivers the highest hit rate accuracy per microwatt available in the industry under real-world, noisy conditions.
  • AON1000™ Hardware IP can be integrated in a standalone chip or in a sensor, such as a microphone, allowing the Application Processor to stay in idle state during the always-on listening state.
  • AONDevices also offers the SW algorithm AON1000 for porting to a third-party DSP for less power sensitive applications.