AONDevices 2023 ​
Toys White Paper

Toys Use Cases

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Our technology use case series continues with a captivating look at the world of Toys and Playtime Innovation. Dive into how AONDevices’ revolutionary technologies are reshaping play experiences.

Unleash the Power of AONDevices in Your Toys and Playtime:

  1. Engaging Voice Commands: Imagine your toys responding to your voice. AONDevices’ super low-power local voice commands bring toys to life with interactive play experiences.
  2. Intelligent Sound Recognition: With acoustic event detection, your toys become more interactive and responsive. They recognize and respond to specific sounds, adding excitement to your playtime.
  3. Personalized Fun: Customize your playtime with our speaker identification feature. Your toys can now adapt to your preferences, creating a unique and immersive play experience.
  4. Innovative Sensor Fusion: Experience next-level play with sensor fusion technology. It combines data from multiple sensors, providing an immersive and accurate play environment.

Get ready to revolutionize the way you live with our Toys White Paper!