Voice Control, Acoustic Event Detection (AED),
Speaker Identification and Multi-Sensor Fusion

AONDevices has a vision of “always-on” everywhere to enable a natural human-machine interaction. Multilingual Wake Words & Local Commands, Contextual Sound and Sensor Detection, AI ambient Noise Reduction, Sensor Fusion – gestures and speech.

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Our advanced acoustic event detection technology

ensures you don’t miss any important sounds, whether it’s a siren, alarm, or breaking glass. You can customize your device’s settings to recognize and classify specific sounds, giving you greater control over your environment

Parked car monitoring

By using low-power sensors in the car, the system can monitor for potential security threats, such as break-in attempts or nearby impacts. If an event is detected, it can send a notification to the owner’s smartphone without using significant power
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Detecting Crying or Distress Sounds

In baby toys, the acoustic event detection could alert parents when the baby is crying or in distress.

Hands-free control

One of the most obvious applications of local voice commands in wearables is to allow users to control their devices without having to use their hands, making it easier and more convenient to interact with technology while on the go.
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A person putting a hearing aid on a person's ear

Imagine a scenario where a person with a hearing aid is in a crowded restaurant

Without a denoiser, the hearing aid amplifies all sounds equally, making it difficult for the person to focus on the specific conversations they are part of. The hearing aid might amplify the clanging of dishes, other patrons’ conversations, music playing in the background, etc., along with the intended conversation, causing confusion and making it hard to understand the speech.

Industrial Monitoring

Sensor fusion could be used to detect machine failure or anomalies enabling predictive maintenance and saving battery by reducing false alarms.
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