Voice Control, Acoustic Event Detection (AED),
Speaker Identification and Multi-Sensor Fusion

AONDevices has a vision of “always-on” everywhere to enable a natural human-machine interaction. Multilingual Wake Words & Local Commands, Contextual Sound and Sensor Detection, AI ambient Noise Reduction, Sensor Fusion – gestures and speech.


Boost user experience and safety with custom voice commands and sound detection. Enable hands free commands such as 'volume up', 'pause', 'volume down' or alert for trains, sirens, dog barking, smoke detector, or baby crying while streaming music or engaged in a phone call.


Enables safety features such voice commands, contextual sound, and sensory detection to enhance the user's experience or for detecting signs of distress like shouting for "Help" when running or falling, alerting in emergency situations, drastic changes in body temperature, heart rate and more.


Enables hands free voice activation wake-words or commands. Detects ambient sound such as baby crying, dog barking, car honking, siren, trains, and more.

Remote Control

Activate with custom wake-words or commands like "TV On". Offer hands-free operation to improve customer experience for when the remote is nearby, just out of reach, or when engaged in other activities.

Smart Home Devices

Turn on lighting or send alerts for glass breaking, door opening, dogs barking, or more.
Adjust the environment or add a sense of safety using hands-free voice commands and control with contextual sound detection or sensory data. ​


Enable safety inside and outside of the vehicle. Enhance the performance and accuracy of hands-free voice activation and control of the vehicle with contextual sound detection that allows alerts or auto-adjusting of volume during emergency or warning sounds such as a sirens, construction vehicles, or more.​

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FPGA demonstration is available