FPGA Demo available

AON1010 belongs to the highly optimized AONSens™ Neural Network cores for Voice and Audio recognition as well as other sensor applications.

The solution consists of:

  • AON1010 AI processing engine delivered in Verilog RTL.  The RTL IP is suitable for logic synthesis targeting ASIC products as well as FPGA.
  • AON1010 AI software.

Voice control, Context detection and Sensor applications

– Always-on Multi-Wake-word detection
– On-device Voice command recognition (‘Music play’, ‘Music stop’, etc.)
– Ultra-Low power for always-listening voice-enabled applications
– Adaptive voice activity detection
– Event detection
– Context-awareness
– Sensor Applications such as Human Activity Detection  (‘Person Running’, ‘Person walking’, etc.)


High Accuracy in Noisy Conditions

– High accuracy in background noise and reverb. Speaker independent
– Robust to variabilities within user, between-user & in environment
– Scalable, detects multiple commands concurrently


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FPGA demonstration is available