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Who We Are

AONDevices (AON) is a semiconductor company based in Irvine, CA, that specializes in developing super low-power smart edge AI processors, algorithms and solutions, making it perfect for battery-powered “always on” devices.

AON provides a complete, super low-power edge AI solution, including ML chips that come with integrated ML-optimized algorithms at no extra cost to customers. AON’s tool suite can be licensed to support data collection to inference, with advanced data augmentation and adaptive training tools that can be used online or offline. Additionally, AON offers fast time-to-market training services, with support for small datasets.

AON’s cutting-edge technology offers a hassle-free way to control all your devices, including wearables, hearables, and smart home devices, using only your voice with super low power consumption. With AON’s advanced acoustic event detection technology, you won’t miss any important sounds, whether it’s a siren, alarm, or breaking glass. You can customize your device’s settings to recognize and classify specific sounds, giving you greater control over your environment. AON also offers a speaker identification feature that lets you tailor your device to your preferences. Moreover, AON’s sensor fusion technology collects data from multiple sensors, providing unparalleled accuracy, for a complete overview of your fitness, health, and home.

AONDevices was founded in 2018 by a group of industry veterans with deep expertise in audio processing and AI. Despite being a relatively new company, their technology and solutions have already been licensed and used by tier-1 customers. AONDevices is privately held and headquartered in Irvine, CA.