Edge AI for System Designers

Noisy Environments

Always-on Sensing

Integrated Algorithms

Small Dataset Training

Who We Are

AONDevices is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in application-specific edge AI pro-cessors with high accuracy at ultra-low power.
The first release in our product family, the AONVoice™ processor, unleashes the power of smartphones and other battery-powered consumer devices to address the growing demand for a more convenient and safer always-on touchless user interface.
In benchmarks against competitive offerings, AONVoice™ processors deliver best-in-class recognition in real-world ambient noise conditions at the lowest power.

Ultra-Low Power

Joint design and optimization of deep learning algorithms, architecture and circuits resulting in an ultra-low power solution.

High accuracy in background noise

AON's algorithms are based on the latest innovations in the quickly-evolving deep learning technology field, resulting in high performance and high accuracy in noisy conditions.

Privacy through local processing

On-device Deep Learning Processing Engine. Voice and Audio Recognition inference at the "Edge".

Speech & Audio Recognition

AON's team has extensive experience in speech and audio algorithms and chip design, giving the company a unique position to innovate in speech and audio AI-based recognition and analytics.

"Smartphone and wireless headset chipsets must meet strict and rigorous specifications. Our team is well qualified to integrate the next generation of audio chips based on new AI technology in these systems since we have led voice and audio chip developments at leading semiconductor companies and we fully understand all the requirements. This is the reason OEMs are engaging with us at such an early stage."

Mouna Elkhatib

CEO, AONDevices

"This is another example of senior talent from brand name companies joining EvoNexus to start their own companies. We have successfully incubated seasoned teams in the semiconductor space and look forward to working with AONdevices on what promises to be a transformational idea."

Rory Moore

CEO and co-founder, EvoNexus

Our Technology

Smart Data Augmentation
Proprietary AI Architecture
Low-Power AI Implementation
End-to-End AI solution with key IP in full workflow

The Team

Mouna El Khatib

CEO & Board Member

18 years of experience in Voice, Audio and HW DSP SOCs. System architecture, chip development and leadership. Former Qualcomm Principal Engineer and Engineering Director at Brainchip and Conexant.

    Dr. Adil Benyassine

    VP, Technology

    20 years of experience in Audio & Wireless Signal Processing algorithms. Held Senior level engineering positions at Intel, Mindspeed and Conexant.

      Daniel Schoch

      Technical Director

      20 years of experience in the semiconductor business. Key architect and developer of iC-Haus product solutions. He held engineering positions at Broadcom and Mindspeed.

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