AONDevices: Leading Edge AI Innovation and Collaboration

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AONDevices has been recognized for its innovation in edge AI, named among the top 10 female-founded startups by industry leaders Qualcomm Ventures and the Amazon Alexa Fund.
The company’s technology has secured licensing agreements with tier 1 semiconductor and OEM companies in the smartphone and TWS headset markets, demonstrating the practical application and demand for its products.
The company is currently working with more than 30 chipmakers, OEMs, and technology companies across many end markets (smart home, automotive, ear buds, smartphones, hearables, healthcare, industrial, IoT, etc.).
Its disruptive platforms will enable many new Edge AI use cases. AONDevices is based in Irvine, California. Contributing actively to industry advancement, AONDevices participates in various panels and discussions, showcasing their commitment to the growth and education in Edge AI and tinyML sectors.