How edge devices and infrastructure will shape the Metaverse experience

How edge devices and infrastructure will shape the metaverse experience
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FEBRUARY 17, 2023 | VentureBeat | Victor Dey

What’s next for Edge in the metaverse? 

Mouna Elkhatib, CEO, CTO, and cofounder of edge AI processor manufacturing and solutions firm AONDevices, predicts that using edge technologies for the metaverse will generate new use cases, business models and revenue streams for emerging businesses. 

“Computer vision, sound recognition and motion sensing/detection at the edge will allow the metaverse to securely collect more data about the user and the user’s environment, enabling systems to use that data to offer personalized experiences and features. Doing so can significantly enhance the user’s experience for applications such as gaming, education, remote work and more,” said Elkhatib. 

She said such use cases would provide emerging businesses with new revenue streams, including personalized content streaming and targeted advertising. In addition, new business models such as subscription-based services for premium content, revenue for user-generated content, and pay-per-use models may also emerge.

For his part, Pixelynx’s Tolman says that edge technologies can be leveraged to advance the Web3 vision of putting data ownership into the hands of the users and offering new business models that emphasize property rights and interoperability. 

“We can offer creators more and better ways to self-publish, more opportunities to connect with their audience, see greater earnings and have full transparency into how revenue is generated and royalties are paid,” Tolman said. Furthermore, he added that as the metaverse grows, and with it, the demand for new content and interactive experiences, technologies that enable greater scalability and faster data processing and transaction speeds will become increasingly critical. 

“Edge computing technology is one such innovation that will support the development of a sustainable metaverse at mass scale,” he said. “It is critical to that vision, so its growth is inevitable.”

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